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"Seattle as a whole loves to pride themselves on Seattle being such an incredible music city. But they also seem to… days 21 hours ago
Most fans want mask/vaccine mandates at shows. It’s frustrating to see big corporate promoters dragging their feet… days 3 hours ago
Instrument manufacturers face anticompetitive behavior by platform monopolies just like musicians. Among the examp… days 3 hours ago
When considering “fake artist” controversies on Spotify and concerns about platform power, this might be a helpful… days 3 hours ago
RT @vijayiyer: Today! — 4 days 3 hours ago
Here’s a cautionary tale about how creative placemaking efforts by local governments can go badly awry. days 5 hours ago
@AOC A small thing: lots of folks (especially those with demanding jobs) stop exploring new music in their thirties… days 18 hours ago
“There isn’t a budget for artist compensation, but the value of the platform we’re providing and all the new fans y… days 20 hours ago
“No guarantee, but there will be a hummus tray and some drink tickets. And it should be really great exposure for… days 20 hours ago
@Econ_Marshall @lyta_gold @MoonAndStar25 It can be instructive to think about streaming itself—the technology can b… days 2 hours ago
This is a vivid example of the difficult choices artists face when dealing with platform monopolies. week 3 days ago
(To be clear: client relationships don’t mean that someone is intellectually or ethically compromised. They do tel… week 4 days ago
Journalists: if you interview academics on copyright issues who also have private legal practices, you really shoul… week 4 days ago
Congratulations to @cadenceweapon! week 6 days ago
And don’t be embarrassed—we know some of you probably hadn’t realized that you could deduct recording expenses at a… weeks 2 days ago
By integrating this provision into #BuildBackBetter, it will now sit alongside other tax changes, like tax incentiv… weeks 2 days ago
Our friends at @GRAMMYAdvocacy have a helpful explainer here: weeks 2 days ago
It allows you to deduct recording expenses in the year they are incurred (rather than over many years). That’s al… weeks 2 days ago
HITS stands for Help Independent Tracks Succeed. It’s a bill designed to help artists and producers through tax inc… weeks 2 days ago
Give them a listen. We all need it this week. weeks 3 days ago