On Copyright

Future of Music Coalition respects intellectual property and copyright. We believe that musicians and songwriters must have the ability to be compensated for their work, regardless of where or how that work is used or accessed.

We also recognize that creators are not a monolithic group, and may have a variety of perspectives on issues at the intersection of copyright and technology. That’s why we think it is so important that the artist perspective is represented in debates about intellectual property in the information age. read more

Rock the Net: Musicians for Net Neutrality

The internet is crucial to musicians and other creators. It lets everyone have a voice and is a powerful engine for free expression, creativity and commerce. Creators must be able to compete on a level technological playing field alongside the biggest companies. This is why we need basic rules to ensure that all users can access the lawful content and run the legal applications and devices of their choice. read more

Artists + FMC

You’re an artist. You’ve stumbled onto our site from a tweet, Facebook post, friend’s referral or a Google search, probably something along the lines of “artist + musician + activism.” You want to take charge of your career and do your part to grow the new music ecosystem, but you have questions.

We’re here to help. While we can’t give you specific career advice, we can help demystify a complex and evolving marketplace for music. We’re always happy to discuss ways for you to get involved.

Connect with FMC in 4 easy steps: read more

I Support Community Radio

Non-commercial radio plays a major role in the discovery of music of all genres. From indie-rock to hip-hop to folk to jazz to classical, the music played on public broadcasting stations reaches listeners in American communities large and small. read more