SXSW Music 2016: Here's Where We'll Be

SXSW is here again, and as usual, Future of Music Coalition staff and board are well represented at America’s biggest music conference. Amidst the BBQ, margaritas, and awesome music, we encourage you to make time to check out these can’t-miss panels and sessions featuring your favorite FMC superheroes.


Tuesday, March 15

Music, Apps, Devices: Next Gen? 3:30-4:30 PM

Since Napster 1.0 in 1999, digital music services have evolved in computers, our cell phones, home wifi speakers, and connected cars. But despite this growth and the availability of millions of licensed songs, we still only have a few models to choose from ($9.99/month and DMCA radio). Will these two models successfully serve the mass market? Will they deliver the right value back to artists? What’s next? In this panel of experts, we will pull apart some of the problems, discuss what is needed in the next generation of music apps, and talk to some of the most innovative services trying to break through the barrier.


Vickie Nauman, Principle & Owner; CrossBorderWorks, FMC Board Treasurer


Stephen White, Chairman, Dubset Media Holdings
Imogen Heap, Musician; Director; LTD
Gabriel Rene, CEO/Founder; ROK Mobile


Wednesday, March 16

Making Streaming Royalties Fair(er) 12:30-1:30 PM

Streaming royalties from subscription services like Spotify, AppleMusic, and others are distributed using the “Big Pool” (pro-rata) distribution method. There are questions as to whether this method of royalty distribution is fair or even in the best interests of the music industry (artists, labels, and services). A new approach is the “Subscriber share” model. Subscriber share distributes royalties based on the plays of each individual subscriber instead of pro-rata across all subscribers. Can the subscriber share approach to royalty distribution increase royalties for artists with fan bases as music streaming services start to scale?



Dick Huey, Founder Toolshed; FMC Board President
Rasmus Rex Pedersen, Teaching Assistant Professor, PHD Rhythmic Music Conservatory
Sharky Laguana, Musician; President, Bandango



Section 203 Copyright Recapture Terminations 3:30- 4:30 PM

The Copyright Act allows authors to reclaim ownership of their works during a 5-year window starting on the 35th anniversary of conveyance. Panel on: (1) the number of recapture termination notices recorded with the U.S. Copyright Office to date is quantitatively small; (2) there should have been more activity in this area by now; (3) several possible reasons why we have not seen more such activity; (4) whether recapture termination activity will increase and why; and (5) artists of all types should all take note of the law because the right lasts only for a window of 5 years after which the inalienable right to recapture termination is lost forever.



Brent McBride, Co-Owner of Copyright Recapture; Copyright Recapture and Sureal Music
Casey Rae, CEO Future of Music Coalition
Joe Bogdan, Assistant Professor; Columbia College Chicago
Nan Warshaw, Co-Owner; Bloodshot Records


You Can’t Pay Bills with Facebook Likes 3:30- 4:30 PM

All anyone wants in this business is to make music, share it with fans, and make enough money to keep going. But many of the traditional methods of accomplishing that aren’t working any more. We’ll be talking about new developments in two fundamental pillars of sustaining and growing a career: funding new work and translating fan enthusiasm into income. Hear from experts who are actively working with artists, managers, labels, and new technologies to find ways of sustaining artist success. Panelists will provide a brief overview of their approaches, share case studies, and provide their perspective on developments in funding and fan monetization.



Hayley Rosenblum, Music Outreach Lead; Kickstarter
Ken Umezaki, Angel Investor; Digital Daruma, FMC Board Vice President
Michael Rosenthal, Head of Strategic Marketing; Mick Management
Tim Quirk, Founder/CEO; Freeform

Thursday, March 17

The A to Z of Transparency 12:30- 1:30 PM

Transparency. It’s a word that gets thrown around a lot in the music industry. But what does it actually mean? The historic music business was opaque, inefficient and didn’t always serve the needs of actual creators. But now, with better tools available to the industry at large, there’s a real opportunity for a more open and equitable path. We’ll examine the importance of transparency to investment in music and how data and best practices can increase trust and coherence amongst industry participants while contributing to the growth of the digital marketplace. We will also discuss how transparency can serve consumers who want to know that their participation is returning value to creators.


Casey Rae, CEO Future of Music Coalition
Darius Van Arman, Co-Owner; Secretly Group
Jim Mahoney, GM USA; Merlin



Peeling Back the Layers Between Artist and Fan 5:00- 6:00 PM

Streaming is one thing, but the other great disruption that digital has brought to the artist/fan relationship is the peeling back of the layers between artist and fan, bringing them closer and more engaged with each other than they ever have been before.
From PledgeMusic, which sees itself as a marketing platform as much as a fundraising platform; to Spotify’s BandPage sales integration, playlists and notifications; to Apple Music’s Connect platform – distribution platforms are becoming points of engagement, and the data behind them a vital currency. This panel will unpick these layers, identify how they work, and what lies ahead.



Benji Rogers, CEO; PledgeMusic, FMC Board Member

Sammy Andrews, Music Futurologist & Strategic Advisor to Music Industry
Scott Cohen, Founder; The Orchard
Steve Mayall, Co-Founder & MD; Music Ally

Friday, March 18

Fair Music: Transparency in the Music Industry 2:00- 3:00 PM

With the current exponential growth of music streaming services, significant publicity has been directed at the fairness and transparency of payments to creators. Technology advances should be able to solve many of the problems, but the industry has failed to evolve and implement radically new solutions. This panel analyzes the current state of industry payment flows and discusses controversial recommendations for resolving some of the issues, such as cryptocurrencies, “Fair Music” labeling, and crowdsourced databases.



Allen Bargfrede, Executive Director; Rethink Music
Brian Message, Manager; ATC Management
Sophie Goossens, Senior Attorney; August & Debouzy
Vickie Nauman, Principle & Owner; CrossBorderWorks, FMC Board Treasurer 

As a special bonus for any of your attending SXSports, FMC board member, music and sports manager and entrepreneur Emily White will lead a Mentor Session on Saturday, March 12 at the JW Marriott—Room 503 110 E 2nd St.

Additionally musician and FMC Board member Jean Cook will be performing alongside the Waco Brothers and Jon Langford at the following dates/times:

Wed March 16, 1 AM   Waco Brothers at Bloodshot Records Showcase (Continental Club)
Thu March 17, 4 PM Jon Langford & the Far Forlorn at Dogfish Head Party (Ginger Man)
Thu March 17, 6 PM  Waco Brothers at Dogfish Head party (Ginger Man)
Fri March 18, 6 PM Waco Brothers at Bloodshot BBQ (Yard Dog)
Sat March 19,  6 PM  Jon Langford at Yard Dog Party  (Yard Dog)

And musician and FMC Board member Thao Nguyen will be performing with her band Thao & The Get Down Stay Down at the following dates/times:

Wed March 16, 11PM Thao & The Get Down Stay Down (Parish)                      

Thu March 17, 7 PM Thao & The Get Down Stay Down (SXSW Outdoor Stage at Lady Bird Lake)



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