Are Musicians Making More or Less Money?


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I must say that as impressed

Submitted by Bill Rosenblatt (not verified) on July 7, 2012 - 5:02pm.

I must say that as impressed as I am with the data that has been collected here, I am equally disappointed with how the "results" have been presented and discussed. Those of us who work in the industry (and, in my case, blog about it) want to know whether musicians are making more or less money from different specific sources, such as recordings and live performance. I'm sorry but saying that "it's just hard" and that you won't know the answers for another 2-5 years is a cop-out. It's a decade since the early milestones of the digital music industry (shutdown of original Napster, launch of iTunes Music Store, etc.); it's time to find out what's really going on. Many of us have been waiting eagerly for findings and synthesis of all this data. You have presented virtually none. It's either a case of drowning in data, being too chicken to draw conclusions, or perhaps both. FMC is in the best position to make definitive statements about this - because no one gives any weight to those from the RIAA or the EFF.

If you are too worried about presenting digestible results, then go get someone to do it for you. Joel Waldfogel, for example.

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