Will Apple Take a Dip in the Stream?


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I?m betting on the ?wait

Submitted by Jeremy (not verified) on December 9, 2009 - 5:53pm.

I’m betting on the “wait and see” theory. The utopian push to “music in the cloud” has received much enthusiasm by cutting-edge web enthusiasts but I side with Cory Doctorow, who notes that this sort of ‘celestial jukebox’ depends upon “a massive, totally speculative shift in the behavior of the majority of Internet users if it is to be plausible.” Marvelous technology but questionable from a usability perspective. (see http://p2pnet.multibox.be/story/32077) Dotorow, interestingly, insists that streaming doesn’t actually exist—that it’s just downloading, disguised. But that’s another story.

I wish Apple won?t be

Submitted by Recorder (not verified) on January 13, 2010 - 4:03am.

I wish Apple won’t be music locker. Piracy is too bad but still piracy is one of the good way to get sales. I myselfdon’t buy whole album by listening to only music but always lisen to all songs and if it is able to get in my collections then I buy whole album to get original high quality.

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