Erin McKeown, Nicole Atkins, Indigo Girls & Rep. Mike Doyle Talk Low Power FM in Billboard


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Homogenized radio? Isn?t

Submitted by MikeAlike (recording artist) (not verified) on November 19, 2009 - 7:58am.

Homogenized radio? Isn’t that a by product of a corrupt government which acts on behalf itself and not the people? Let me just begin this train of thought by stating people know the radio is garbage and that number of people is expansive. I assumed the reason the radio became so controlled is it was corrupt before, with payola and other bullshit, so the government decided to clamp down and make it into one unit to be governed over- of course then their lack musical diversity probally seeped into the picture and they wanted music more attuned to their bland preferences. One method of homogenizing the “music” is by washing out idea’s or work- either by allowing others to rip it off or labels who lack in orginal material sucking the creative life out of another artists project. Please the last 10-12 years has been a scam. Billboard’s advice to people trying to succeed is to learn how to perform another’s work, that’s advice? DON”T CREATE YOUR OWN WORK LEARN HOW TO PERFORM SOMEONE ELSES? Please- that’s the most reprehensible and moronic piece of advice I have come across yet. Actually that reads to me- your work is not “good” enough and you might not be talented or creative so try to be something else, besides its about selling somebody elses material. Billboard also made in either 2004-2005 an “American Idol” winner a hot new underground artist. UMMMMMMMM come on- you can’t be serious. Nightclubs were either shut down or they had playlists of pop music to play each night- POP music in underground clubs? And I need to write POP music these days entails a highly pre-fabricated watered down effect, studio produced and typically conformed to mold designed just so. And F.Y.I- there’s little dance diva out there who likes to read my words, alter my material and is collecting a check in her-their name, I got news for you  there dance supa-star, one day soon your lights will go off and like a switch the flip will black it down.

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