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From earlier today: thread unpacking today’s media ownership news days 8 hours ago
@BTSheartfingers But Congress also has an oversight role over the FCC, so it is always appropriate to call your rep… days 11 hours ago
@BTSheartfingers When the FCC considers a rule change there’s an opportunity for public comment. The comment perio… days 11 hours ago
Remember as well that media ownership impacts you even if you're not the kind of musician who'd likely end up playe… days 14 hours ago
Remember, the FCC works for you--they're supposed to be looking out for competition, localism, and diversity. Citiz… days 14 hours ago
Now, there's another potential outcome here, and it depends on how long all of this takes. If for some reason, Pai… days 14 hours ago
If the third circuit doesn't give Pai what he wants, though, he could try to take the issue to the Supreme Court.… days 14 hours ago
Now, just because Pai is trying this doesn't mean he'll be successful and that big broadcasters will get the deregu… days 14 hours ago
Pai's request is for what's called an "en banc" review. The original case was heard by a 3 judge panel. Pai wants… days 14 hours ago
The court ruling in September would have likely made the big broadcasters' plan for more consolidation impossible.… days 14 hours ago
We don't like this plan, because it would mean more centralized control, less chances for diverse musicians to obta… days 15 hours ago
That meant that some changes that already happened would be reversed. But it also had big implications for current… days 15 hours ago
Groups representing community radio, media justice, civil rights and public interest perspectives kept suing the FC… days 15 hours ago
Four times now, courts have ruled that the FCC has failed to do their job and gather the necessary data about impac… days 15 hours ago
But when considering a change in the media ownership rules, the FCC is required to study the impacts on ownership d… days 15 hours ago
Every four years, the FCC is charged with considering whether some of its media ownership regulations serve the pub… days 15 hours ago
Big news for anyone who cares about localism and diversity in media: the FCC is seeking an en banc rehearing that c… days 15 hours ago
@johnmarknewman One of the threads it picks up is the old contention by music/culture writer Carl Wilson that there… days 19 hours ago
Grateful for NFCB’s efforts to resource truly local community radio stations that play truly local music you won’t… days 11 hours ago
@MaxBurke @nathanisariot @jennpelly @thebafflermag Wrong Pelly — 5 days 11 hours ago