Summer of Love

Be one of FMC's Most Beautiful People just released their annual list of The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful People. We here at FMC are frankly a little upset that we weren’t included in the mix. 

Not one of the 50 individuals spotlighted took the time to pull on an FMC t-shirt before taking part in the photo shoot. These shirts work like a dream — you can show the world that you truly care about musicians and look great while doing it. And the FMC cotton tees keep you cool under the hot summer sun or during a long jam session. read more

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Meet an FMC fan: Bertis Downs

FutureBlog readers probably know Bertis Downs as longtime manager of R.E.M.  An attorney from Athens Ga, he is enjoying his “active retirement” in a number of ways— keeping up with the ongoing legacy of R.E.M., spending more time with his family (really), teaching and engaging in various professional and educational settings (like Future of Music Summits and the like), and pursuing his passion for public education as he considers the future of education for his own kids, and other people’s kids, in our country’s underfunded and increasingly besieged public education system (among his heroes are Diane Ravitch and Linda Darling-Hammond, who stick to the facts and don’t mind calling out wrongheaded “solutions, ” whether they are mean-spirited or just misguided).

Bertis has been a fan, advisory board member and supporter of the Future of Music Coalition for years. As part of our Summer of Love profile series, Bertis graciously agreed to chat with us.
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