FMC Analysis of Public Comments Filed in FCC Broadcast Ownership Proceeding: Docket Tally

In May 2003, FMC conducted an analysis of the public comments filed at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Docket 02-277 — the Broadcast Ownership proceeding. Over a two week period, two dozen volunteers collaborated with the FMC to analyze approximately 9,360 comments viewable on the FCC website, coding each comment as “opposing changes”, “unknown/neutral” or “supporting changes”.

NAB's "Fact Sheet" critiquing FMC's 2002 Radio Deregulation Study

A copy of a “fact sheet” that the National Association of Broadcasters issued on Friday, November 15, 2002 as a premature response to the release of FMC’s research report Radio Deregulation: Has It Served Citizens and Musicians?
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