FMC in the News: 2013

43% of [Artists] in America Lack Any Form of Health Insurance

October 29, 2013

That’s according to a recent survey from the Future of Music Coalition, which found musicians to be ‘chronically under-insured’ and drastically below national (US) insurance averages.  And perhaps unsurprisingly, the more dedicated you are to your craft,the less likely you are to be insured.

The reasons are strikingly simple.  Also unsurprisingly, roughly 88% of all [artists] lacking health insurance simply couldn’t afford it.

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Obamacare for Creative Types

October 17, 2013


“Essentially, the more personal income derived from art, the less likely the respondent is to have health insurance,” the study states. read more

Radio stations would pay for music under House bill

October 1, 2013

Rep. Mel Watt (D-N.C.) introduced a bill Monday that would require radio broadcasters to negotiate with musicians for the rights to play their songs. Watt’s bill – which he called the free market solution – was applauded by members of the music industry and decried by broadcasters. 


Watt’s bill would put the U.S. on a level playing field with the rest of the world, according to Casey Rae, interim executive director of the Future of Music coalition, a musician advocacy group.

Because the U.S. does not have a performance royalty right for musicians when their songs are played on radio stations, “American artists are currently unable to collect royalties owed to them when their music is played abroad,” he said. read more