Deconstructing: Pandora, Spotify, Piracy, and Getting Artists Paid

November 20, 2012

“Who the [heck] is this guy and why is he trying to sell me a warm sack of [poo]?”

This question lit up my mind last week, as I sat in the audience for the Future of Music Coalition Policy [sic] Summit in Washington, DC. The guy in question was, in fact, a US Senator — Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) — while said warm-sack-of-[poo] was the Internet Radio Fairness Act (IRFA), which Sen. Wyden is sponsoring in the Senate. read more

EMI's In-House Licensing Move: What Does it Mean for Artists?

[This post was co-authored by FMC Communications Intern Scott Oranburg]

EMI Music CEO Roger Faxon announced today that EMI will start directly licensing a sizeable chunk of its digital music catalog throughout North America, bypassing the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) — a Performing Rights Organization (PRO) that licenses and distributes royalties for the musical composition copyright. read more

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