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The Quest for Royalties for the Use of Sound Recordings on AM/FM Radio: In Full Swing

Guest post by Owen J. Sloane (@osloane) and Rachel M. Stilwell (@rachelmstilwell)

As nearly two hundred artists, producers, engineers, and music professionals traveled to Washington DC for “GRAMMYs On The Hill” last week, now is a great time to review the status of an important and recurring issue facing recording artists. Artists and record labels, large and small, do not get compensated for the use of their recordings on AM/FM (“terrestrial”) radio. The recording industry would like to see a change in this area, so that working musicians (not just the superstars) can make a fair living making recordings that we as fans want to hear on our local radio stations. It costs money, time, as well as talent, to create great records.

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Chamber Music of America Hosts Artist Revenue Streams Seminar/Webcast

How can you earn more money from your music?  Are there revenue streams you don’t know about that you ought to be collecting?   Join FMC’s Jean Cook, Project Director for the Artist Revenue Stream project for a presentation on the many ways musicians can make maximize their earning potential at a Chamber Music of America event this Tuesday afternoon in NYC.  

The event is part of CMA’s series of First Tuesday Workshops, a monthly seminar event featuring leaders in the music industry. An array of topics have been featured in the past including digital music making, video production, music business, audio streaming and more. 

Jean will be drawing from lessons learned through FMC’s Artist Revenue Streams research project, a groundbreaking multi-year study assessing how musicians’ revenues are changing in the contemporary marketplace. 

The event is on Tuesday, March 4th, 3-5 pm at New York City’s Saint Peters Church. You can RSVP hereFor those who can’t make it in person, the event will be streamed live at, and will be archived in CMA’s online video library.

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