FMC Tenth Anniversary

For a decade, Future of Music Coalition has helped give musicians a voice on the issues that impact their lives and careers. From the airwaves to the internet, FMC has fought to ensure that musicians of all genres and backgrounds can pursue their careers and enrich our lives. Join us in celebrating ten years of education, research and advocacy for musicians!

Please support our 10 years of:

  • giving musicians a seat at the table in debates about the future of music
  • original research about the impact of technology and policy on musicians
  • artist-driven advocacy for access, innovation and compensation
  • informational resources for musicians
  • free consultations on health insurance options
  • defending artists’ right to free expression
  • creator-focused conferences and convenings
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George Clinton & Hank Shocklee at Policy Summit 2005

Daniel Ek, founder and CEO of Spotify at FMC Policy Summit 2009.

Ben Scott, Policy Director for Free Press at DC Policy Day 2009

Gigi Sohn, President of Public Knowledge at DC Policy Day 2007

Tim Quirk, Executive Editor of Music for Rhapsody America at FMC’s “What’s the Future for Musicians?” series in 2008


Stars’ Torquil Campbell, Arcade Fire’s Win Butler, Malajube’s Mathieu Cournoye, and composer Brian Current at Policy Summit 2006

Zahavah Levine, Chief Counsel for YouTube at DC Policy Day 2009

Kristin Thomson, FMC Education Director and co-owner of the label Simple Machines on community radio

Michael Petricone, Senior VP of Gov’t Affairs of the Consumer Electronics Association at DC Policy Day 2009

Michael Bracy, FMC Policy Director on low power FM


Please support our 10 years of giving musicians a voice in important debates about the future of music; 10 years of original research showing how changes in technology and policy impact musicians’ lives and careers; 10 years of fighting to ensure musicians can earn a living making the music we love!

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