FMC and Public Knowledge Petition the FCC to Deny AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

On May 31, 2011, FMC teamed up with Public Knowledge to file an official petition to deny the AT&T/T-Mobile merger on behalf of both the music community and the overall public interest. In it, we argue that the merger will create “a vertically integrated telecommunications colossus” that could stymie competition as it and Verizon would control roughly 80% of the market. Because the AT&T 2.0 behemoth will be “in a unique position to frustrate the Commission’s goals of encouraging disruptive innovation and promoting an open Internet,” we argue the FCC should block the merger. It is in our opinion that the future success of AT&T and T-Mobile is not dependent joining forces, and the marketplace will remain more competitive and beneficial to users if it is stopped.

For the full filing, click the attachment below.

pk_fmc-att_tmo-petition_to_deny.pdf393.85 KB