Future of Music Summit 2012

Miss the Summit? Check out archived footage of the day here!

Change is inevitable; just ask a musician. For more than a decade, creative expression and disruptive innovation have existed in an uneasy symbiosis that continues to push boundaries. In 2012, issues at the intersection of music, technology and policy reached a fever pitch, with Washington at the epicenter of the debate. Where do we go from here? How will the upcoming elections impact musicians, entrepreneurs, technologists and fans? Is it possible to resolve differences between the music industry and an increasingly powerful technology sector? Where do actual musicians and composers fit into the picture? From cultural policy to copyright and the internet, there are countless concerns that impact the music ecosystem. To address them will require leadership and vision in both government and our creative communities.

The Future of Music Summit 2012 examined these hot-button topics and more.

Building a sustainable future for musicians requires all players coming to the table. The Future of Music Summit is the only conference that focuses on the connections between musicians and fans, policymakers and academics, legal experts and technologists, media professionals and entrepreneurs. And for this year’s special post-election edition, we brought them together for one jam-packed day of engagement on the issues that matter most to the music community. Best of all, this year’s event was free, whether you attended in person or participated online.

Summit 2012 served up provocative conversations on the most pressing issues in today’s dynamic music world. Our speakers highlighted cutting-edge research and showcased the latest services, applications and business models, with a focus on how these platforms benefit musicians. We educated stakeholders on the impact of these innovations and debated polices that impact the music community in tangible ways. We embraced how all of these elements are intertwined, with an eye towards practical solutions. Thank you for joining us in celebrating the ongoing effort to make the future of music a bright one.

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