FMC at South by Southwest

Now in its 24th year, the SXSW® Music and Media Conference has grown into the must-attend networking event for the 21st century music industry. Showcasing nearly 2,000 musical acts from around the globe at over 80 stages in downtown Austin, SXSW registrants have a first-look at tomorrow’s stars. By day, managers, labels, promoters, press, internet media outlets, artists and other business professionals conduct business in the SXSW Trade Show. Conference registrants also partake in a full agenda of provocative, informative panel discussions and celebrity interviews featuring hundreds of speakers of international stature.

For probably the tenth year in a row (we’ve lost count by now), Future of Music Coalition staff, board members, advisory board members and rocker friends will heading down to Austin for this stamina-testing affair. Panels, meetings, shows. Panels, meetings at shows. Meetings between panels. More shows. Exhausting, but so worth it.

Below we list some panels that we are curating, as well as some “hot picks” from us that include friends, allies, or simply brilliant people that you must see.  Plus, some shows! 

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Social Networks and the Future for Musicians

Wed, March 17, 2010
02:00 PM
How can musicians use social networks to improve their careers, reach more fans, connect with those they currently have, and make more money? Thought leaders at the convergence of music and technology share what they are learning, and discuss where they see this all heading in the future.

Brian Zisk Technologies Director, Future of Music Coalition
Dave Allen Pampelmoose, Gang of Four
Raquel DiSabatino Facebook
Charles Fishman Cisco
Ethan Kaplan Warner/Elektra/Atlantic Music

Panel details

Mentor Session 3: featuring HINT Project Coordinator Alex Maiolo

Thursday, March 18
2:00 PM
Mentor Sessions provide an opportunity to receive more personalized input than a larger panel can offer. Sign-up begins half an hour before the mentor session. Sessions are scheduled in ten-minute increments. You can only sign up for sessions on the day that they are held, so hustle over and talk with FMC’s HINT project coordinator Alex Maiolo about health insurance for musicians.

Panel details

Alex will be in Austin all week and is interested in meeting with managers, label folks, nonprofit organizations, even full bands, to talk generally about health insurance.  Set up a meeting by emailing alex [at] futureofmusic [dot] org.

Creative Capitol: Music, Culture and Policy under Obama

Thursday, March 18
3:30 PM
The 2009 inauguration of Obama - plus Democratic majorities in Congress - meant a shift in the power dynamic in Washington, DC. How are creative industries faring so far in this administration? Top staffers will discuss the key music-technology-policy issues on Capitol Hill and at the FCC, and how musicians are engaging.

Michael Bracy Policy Director, Future of Music Coalition

Rachel Goslins President’s Committee on the Arts & Humanites
Austin Schlick General Counsel, Federal Communications Commission
Tim Tuten Hideout/Department of Education
Christine Varney Assistant Attorney General for Antitrust, Department of Justice

Panel details

Austin, TX
United States

Hot Picks

Access and social network this entire schedule at


11:00 AM
Successful SXSW: The Tao of the Conference
FMC friend Derek Sivers will lead the way.

11:00 AM
Evolution of Concert Booking and Programming
Artist managers Mike Martinovich and Ian Montone will join promoters and booking agents for what’s sure to be a lively discussion.

12:30 PM
Caution Before Signing
Includes FMC advisory board member — and awesome artist attorney — John Strohm.

12:30 PM
The Cloud vs. the Paradise of Infinite Storage
Prepare to have your minds blown. Includes FMC board and advisory board members Bryan Calhoun and Sandy Pearlman, plus the brilliant Eric Garland from Big Champagne, and Mike McGuire from Gartner Research, *and* Peter Biddle, one of the first authors to describe the Dark Net.

02:00 PM
Green Touring: Stupid, Dumb, or Best Idea Ever?
Features our partner in activism Erin Potts from Air Traffic Control and the always-fun Sharky Laguana, founder of Bandago Van Rentals.

02:00 PM
Social Networks and the Future for Musicians
FMC’s Brian Zisk has put together a kick-ass panel. See details on left.

03:30 PM
From the Stage - An Artist’s Perspective
Samantha Murphy and Rob Giles are joined by CEA’s Michael Petricone.

03:30 PM
Three Strikes You’re Out: The ISP Debate
This is sure to be an excellent discussion, given these panelists: Steven Masur, Chris Castle FMC advisory board member Jim Griffin and Dina LaPolt.

03:30 PM
Crowdfunding Music: Raising Money From Fans
FMC advisory board member and TopSpin founder Ian Rogers will be joined by digital media wizard Dick Huey, Yancey Stricker from Kickstarter, and artists Allison Weiss and Jamin Brophy-Warren for a great discussion about how today’s musicians are appealing to their own fans to fund their projects.



12:30 PM
Does Rock and Roll Belong in a Museum?
LA Times pop critic – and FMC advisory board member - Ann Powers will be joined by Jim Henke, Lauren Onkey and rocker Lenny Kaye.

02:00 PM
Mentor Session 3
Sign up for a consultation with FMC’s Alex Maiolo.

02:00 PM
Merge Makes Noise
Oh, how we love Merge Records. Journalist Michael Azerrad will be chatting with co-founders Mac McCaughan and Laura Ballance.

03:30 PM
Creative Capitol: Music, Culture and Policy under Obama
FMC’s Policy Director Michael Bracy, plus the FCC and the Department of Justice!

05:00 PM
Why Hasn’t the Record Industry Sued Girl Talk?
Documentary filmmaker Benjamin Franzen, who worked with Kembrew McLeod on Copyright Criminals, will join an impressive panel to discuss fair use and the sample license clearance process. Should be an amazing conversation.



11:00 AM
Adult Rock Music Meeting
Lots of great AAA radio folks on this panel, including NPR’s Bob Boilen, MPR’s Jim McGuinn, and WXPN’s Bruce Warren.

11:00 AM
CLE 1 - Music Policy, Legislation, and Food Fights
Folks from the NMPA, AFTRA and SoundExchange will talk about legislative issues.

11:00 AM
DIY or Sign with a Label
A2IM’s Rich Bengloff will be joined by all sorts of cool indie label folks.

02:00 PM
Effective Online Marketing Platforms
Lou Plaia from ReverbNation and social marketing maven Cory Denis will be joined by musician Zoe Keating, Jason Lekberg from Epic and Josh Wittman from Redeye Distribution.

02:00 PM
It’s So Big! Packaging Design from CDs to Vinyl to Merchandise
FMC friend and Righteous Babe distribution gal Susan Tanner has put together a great panel about album artwork.

03:30 PM
Spirituality for Nomads
Multi-instrumentalist and FMC friend Martin Perna joins others for a conversation about how artists can find some spiritual balance in the midst of touring and career demands.



11:00 AM
CLE 5 - Music Law Ethics
Attention lawyers. FMC advisory board member Leron Rogers joins Dina LaPolt and David Herlihy for a chat about ethics.

11:00 AM
Creating a Music Town
Some cool folks talking about a subject that’s near and dear to our heart.

12:30 PM
The Cultural Significance of Direct-to-Fan Marketing
FMC advisory board member and Topspin founder Ian Rogers with the knowledge.