FMC at Arts Presenters Conference

Friday, Jan 6: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

JazzConnect: Building Jazz Culture – Local to Global
Hilton, Sutton South
How do you build and support a thriving cultural community?  What are the possibilities using jazz to do this?  Where are the obstacles preventing effective growth and community building?  What are the successes?  How can jazz improve branding and advocacy? What are infrastructure opportunities from other industries to learn from?  Join in the opening session of the JazzConnect track developed to explore these questions over seven sessions with dynamic and inspiring leaders, speakers, and visionaries.
Bill Strickland, founder and president CEO of Manchester Bidwell Corporation will kick off the discussion with his experience, vision, success and ideas in the world as he sees it.  This will be followed by a fast-paced pecha kucha-inspired presentation with 8 industry-leading experts illuminating big dreams and big ideas.  Each presenter will approach the question:  “How does your work contribute to a thriving cultural community?”

Adrian Ellis, Executive Director, Jazz at Lincoln Center/Arts Consultant
Michael Bracy, Co-founder and President of the Board, Future of Music Coalition
Tom Silverman, CEO Tommy Boy Records, Board member A2IM, Merlin, SoundExchange 
Terri Pontremoli, Jazz Producer/Tri-C Jazz Festival 
Randall Kline, President of SFJazz
Karen Kennedy, Artist Manager 
Omrao Brown, Owner, Bohemian Caverns, DC
Adam Klein, CEO eMusic

This will be followed by an open exchange and town hall forum reflecting on what participants have heard, what resonates most, and what might be possible to building jazz culture from the local to global level. 

Saturday, Jan 7: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Media, Technology and Copyright Policy Roundup presented by Future Music Coalition
Hilton NYC

Even in a time when the federal policy landscape has been consumed by national and global issues, 2011 will be remembered as a pivotal year for the creative community. Copyright forces continued to battle over ISP’s liability in policing their networks for copyright infringement. The US Supreme Court argued cases about free speech and indecency, both of which focused on the intersection of art, media and commerce. State and local arts funding budgets were threatened or slashed. Meanwhile, game-changing music and media technologies continued to grow. Nimble startups gained a foothold in the event ticketing world, and the FCC approved more low power FM radio licenses, allowing hundreds more community-based stations onto the airwaves. Join Future of Music Coalition for our annual artist and presenter-friendly roundup of the major issues affecting the creative community, and an assessment of the Obama administration’s activity on arts, copyright and broadband policy.

Casey Rae-Hunter, Deputy Director, Future of Music Coalition
Kristin Thomson, Consultant, Future of Music Coalition
Sunday, Jan 8: 3:00 PM  - 4:30 PM     

JazzConnect: Platforms that Move Jazz Forward
Sheraton, Conference C

Looking for platforms and tools to help define, connect and provide structure?  Want to define the workforce and audiences?  Want community? Let Marty Ashby, Executive Producer of MCG Jazz and Administrator for the Jazz Commons, and Jean Cook, Director of Programs for the Future of Music Coalition and Michael Ricci, publisher of All About will show you some tools to help put those pieces in place.  The Jazz Commons, a database that pulls together presenter, promoter, artist and audience information in one-stop learning center for jazz; Money for Musicians, a multi-method research project to assess how musicians’ revenue streams are changing in this new music landscape; and new initiatives from the All About  platforms are examples of what the arts community, both within and outside Jazz, can do when sharing resources.  

Marty Ashby, Executive Producer of MCG Jazz and Administrator for the Jazz Commons
Jean Cook, Director of Programs, Future of Music Coalition
Michael Ricci, Publisher, All About
Hilton New York
1335 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY, 10019
United States

Other Programming Highlights

Sunday, Jan 8: 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM

JazzConnect: Building Thriving Cultural Communities through Programming and Education - Pathways to Jazz
Sheraton - Conference J

Looking for new ideas and ways to invest, engage, and cultivate your community? Do you want to explore American Culture from an arts perspective? Have you considered jazz as a pathway to that? Whether you are building new audiences or have a history of jazz presentations, there are numerous innovative ways to contribute to a thriving cultural community through this art form. With connections to the foundations of American culture, and extensions into today’s world, jazz can be explored and translated into numerous community engagement initiatives that extend beyond the performance. Join this dynamic group of panelists representing a variety of perspectives, in a discussion designed for programming and education directors, presenters and artist managers. We will explore best practices, case studies and a number of ideas to answer the questions above.

Monday, Jan 9: 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM

JazzConnect: What Jazz Can Teach Us About Winning Audiences?
Sheraton - Conference J

Don’t miss this interactive session with Christy Farnbauch and Bob Breithaupt from the Jazz Arts Group. They will share findings from a newly released, groundbreaking study of jazz audiences. While the Jazz Audiences Initiative focused on learning more about the attitudes and behaviors of current and potential jazz ticket buyers across the U.S., presenters of all genres will come away with new insights for winning audiences. 

Is your current hall a barrier? Are you rewarding ticket buyers who bring friends? What strategies are you using to extend the artistic experience beyond the concert? All this and more will be explored. Christy and Bob will also share an update from a series of workshops at the 2012 Jazz Education Network (JEN) Conference on “Developing Tomorrow’s Jazz Audiences Today.” 

Tuesday, Jan 10: 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

JazzConnect: Building Jazz Culture – Taking Action
Jazz at Lincoln Center - Rehearsal Room

So where do we go from here? This town hall forum will take the top-level concepts from each of prior JazzConnect sessions for a dynamic culmination to create an action agenda for 2012. What are the elements necessary and the obstacles to overcome to develop a vibrant jazz culture? What are the effective advocacy tools to enhance and build jazz’s image? What other industries can help grow our cultural footprint? Come join the discussion! 

Peter Gordon, Music Industry Leader, JazzForward Coalition Co-Founder, will lead this closing session with moderators from earlier JazzConnect offerings. 

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