Creative License Book Tour | Philadelphia

A Junto about music sampling

Creative License: The Law of Culture and Digital Sampling is a compelling new book that explores the complexities and contradictions in how music samples are licensed within the current copyright landscape. Including interviews with more than 100 stakeholders in the sampling community – from David Byrne, Cee-Lo Green, George Clinton, De La Soul, DJ Premier, DJ Qbert, Eclectic Method, El-P, Girl Talk, Matmos, Mix Master Mike, Negativland, Public Enemy, RZA, Clyde Stubblefield and T.S. Monk – Creative License puts digital sampling into an historical, cultural, and legal context.

Future of Music Coalition (FMC) is proud to collaborate with authors Kembrew McLeod and Peter DiCola, Duke University Press, P’unk Ave and Junto to celebrate the release of Creative License with a Philadelphia, PA event featuring DiCola and special guests.

What: A Junto conversation with co-author Peter DiCola and special guests TBA

When: Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Time: 6:00 - 8:00 PM

Where: P’unk Ave, 1138 Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Cost: free

Creative License describes hip-hop during its sample-heavy golden age in the 1980s and early 1990s; the lawsuits that shaped U.S. copyright law on sampling; and the complicated licensing process that musicians must now navigate. Observing that the same dynamics create problems for today’s remixers, the authors conclude by examining ideas for reform.

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About Junto

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P'unk Ave
1168 E. Passyunk Avenue (Federal and Passyunk in South Philly)
Philadelphia, PA, 19147
United States

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Praise for the book

“Kembrew McLeod and Peter DiCola have written a masterful exploration of the complex creative, financial, and legal issues raised by digital sampling. Their book should be required reading for anyone with a serious interest in music copyright.”—Jessica Litman, author of Digital Copyright

“The fact that a seemingly simplistic artistic notion—of collecting, meshing, and arranging previously recorded sounds—would eventually result in a sharp and comprehensive book, Creative License, and companion film, Copyright Criminals, is mind boggling. This study is a work of art in itself, so solid that it may leave no other choice but to be sampled as well.”—Chuck D, co-founder of Public Enemy