Speedboat, Cruise Ship Or Water Wings?


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Submitted by Kent.Earphoria (not verified) on June 17, 2010 - 8:46pm.

I definitely got lost on a few of the sailing terms "a schooner is a sailboat dummy head" but I definitely enjoyed this article overall, as a developer/producer of Earphoria, (a new music community / podcasting website). Along with a wanna be musician, blogger, and daily music listener/reader/downloader I somewhat see myself as a small row boat, but also a leaf on the water barely nudging some of the boats along. Our goal as Earphoria is to be the wind of change (although this may be a bit cheesey) pushing those talented, driven, artists whether they have pink water wings, or a navy blue sail boat. If those in the water create good music, we want them to succeed so those surfers can join in the party.
Great article Intern Peter.
(check out earphoria.fm)

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