Rock the Net CD. It's Viral!

Last weekend, NPR did a segment on “All Things Considered” about FMC’s Upcoming Rock the Net: Musicians for Net Neutrality CD, which lands in stores on July 29. You can listen to the piece here. Be warned host Andrea Seabrook also talks about viral cat videos (that’s viral videos about cats, not clips of ailing kitties).

Must-read technology blog Ars Technica also published an item about the album. AT scribe Nate Anderson says the following in his Independence Day-themed post:What do terrorists and telco execs have in common?

They hate us for our freedoms, naturally. And they especially hate our freedom to roam the verdant grasslands of the Internet as freely as the majestic bison once wandered the fruited plains of the West. A group of mostly-indie rockers from the Future of Music Coalition agree, and they’re releasing a benefit CD later this month to help fund the Coalition’s campaign for a neutral ‘Net.

Amen, brother. The CD which features Wilco, Bright Eyes, Aimee Mann, They Might Be Giants and more is being released by our friends at Thirsty Ear Recordings, a 30 year-old independent record label that depends on open internet structures to get its music out there. Head to the Rock the Net site to stream the tunes before the CD comes out, and purchase a limited-time discounted MP3 version. While you’re there, you might as well sign up for the campaign and join acts likePearl Jam, Calexico, R.E.M., Ted Leo and Death Cab for Cutie in demonstrating your support for net neutrality.

Submitted by Kristin on July 7, 2008 - 12:00am


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