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Artist Revenue Streams

Use the materials on this page to help us promote the survey to as many musicians and composers as possible.

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A three-minute introductory video about the suvey on YouTube or Vimeo. Easy to embed/share.

Press Releases

FMC Launches First Ever Survey for Musicians and Composers, Asking “How Do You Make Money from Music?”
PDF | link

US-Based Musicians and Composers are Answering FMC’s Question: “How Do You Make Money from Music?”
 PDF | link

Twitter and other social media

Official hashtag: #FMCsurvey link:

Click here to download a 300 x 300 px image for your Facebook or Twitter photo/avatar.

Suggested Twitter message:
Musicians + composers: @future_of_music asks, How do you make Money from Music? Take the survey now #FMCsurvey Please RT

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Suggested message:
Future of Music Coalition (tag us using our Facebook page: asks, “How do you make Money from Music?” Take the survey now at and help FMC help musicians!

Web Banners

Help us drive traffic to the survey by posting an image on your blog or website. This zipped file contains an image in various sizes and configurations (JPG and GIF): 120 x 600, 160 x 600, 200 x 200, 250 x 250, 300 x 250, 336 x 280, 468 x 60, 728 x 90. Download zipped file. Link images to

Don’t see the size you need? E-mail Charles McEnerney at charlie [at] futureofmusic [dot] org (subject: ARS%3A%20need%20a%20banner%20image) .

HTML Coded Buttons

Use these graphics on your blog/website to link to

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Have a radio station or audio podcast where you can air a public service announcement or PSA? Download our scripts and have your DJs or on-air talent record and help us reach more musicians and composers.
:60 PSA scripts Versions A-E | :60, :30, :15 PSA scripts Version F | :60, :30, :15 PSA scripts Version G

We also have some pre-recorded PSAs you can download and use:

Hamilton Boyce of Song Sparrow Research :70 PSA

Erin Harpe of Lovewhip :40 PSA

Tia Fuller  :40 PSA  | :80 PSA

Want to submit a PSA? Use one of the scripts above and charlie [at] futureofmusic [dot] org (subject: PSA%20submission) (send us) your PSA!

Blog Posts

We’ve created three blog posts that you’re welcome to use completely, or as inspiration for something else. Survey Says | Putting 29 Streams to the Test 

Poster Project

FMC is asking graphic designers who do concert posters or album covers and the like to “donate a design” so that we’ll have a wide array of posters available online for music retailers, music studios, rehearsal studios, and guerilla marketing folks to download, print, and spread across the USA over the coming months. Download this zip file with more instructions and files/images.

Posters and flyers

Help us spread the word about the survey by hanging up posters everywhere that musicians congregate: in your local venues, coffee shops, instrument stores, studios, and record stores. Then take a photo and tweet about it! Add hashtag #FMCsurvey

Three different poster designs by Aaron at Alphabet Arm Design :

Poster 1: 11 x 17. Click to download

Poster 2: 11 x 17. Click to download.

Poster 3: 11 x 17. Click to download.

Poster 4: 8.5 x 11. Click to download.

Poster 5: 11 x 17. Click to download.

Poster 6 from Blake Ink United: 8.5” x 11”. Click to download

Poster 7 from Eike Wintzer. 8.5” x 11”. Click to download.


Poster 8 from Eike Wintzer. 11” x 17”. Click to download.

Interview Requests

Interested in scheduling an interview with a member of the research team or advisory committee or needing additional resources to help FMC promote the project? Contact Charles McEnerney by email at charlie [at] futureofmusic [dot] org, on Skype at charlesmcenerney or by phone at 617.233.6613.


Official Graphics, Photos and Bios for Media

Writing an article or blog post about FMC’s Artist Revenue Streams research project? Download this project creative to use along with your editorial and link the image to

490 x 311 GIF

Team members available for interviews

Jean Cook Co-Director of Artist Revenue Streams project, and Director of Programs for Future of Music Coalition. bio | photo (credit: Shervin Lainez)

Kristin Thomson Co-Director of Artist Revenue Streams project, and Consultant for Future of Music Coalition. bio | hi-res photo (credit: Jessica Kourkounis)

John Simson Partner Development for Artist Revenue Streams project. Formerly Founding Executive Director of SoundExchange. hi-res photo (credit: J. Carl Ganter)

Peter DiCola Assistant Professor of Law, Northwestern University. Peter is helping with survey design and data analysis for Artist Revenue Streams project. bio | photo