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Friday, January 1, 2010

A list of resources for musicians to learn more about their health insurance options.

Fractured Atlas is a nonprofit service organization for artists and arts organizations. One of the benefits they offer their members is access to group health insurance. Visit the website and select your state from the menu to see the state-specific insurance options. Membership in the organization is $75/year for an individual, but there are also affordable organizational rates starting at $150 annually.

AHIRC: The Artists’ Health Insurance Resource Center is a free, comprehensive online database created by the Actors’ Fund with grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Commonwealth Fund. Data is organized by state and includes information about resources in each state for artists, and lists of insurers of all kinds. AHIRC representatives frequently conduct free seminars or workshops. Check out their Every Artist Insured site for details about events around the country. A for-profit broker that consolidates information about plans and premiums on their website.

A Consumer Guide for Getting and Keeping Health Insurance Created by the Georgetown University Health Policy Institute, this website provides legal information about your rights as a health insurance consumer for each state. Updated regularly.

Health Alliance for Austin Musicians provides access to affordable health care for Austin, TX’s uninsured musicians, focusing on prevention and wellness. If you are an uninsured, professional musician in the Austin, TX area, you may be eligible for low-cost primary health care services, basic dental care and mental health counseling provided by HAAM.

Texas Music Office is a state-funded business promotion and information clearinghouse for the musicians of Texas. The insurance page provides a detailed list of health insurance options for residents of Texas.

SIMS Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides access to low-cost mental health services for Austin, TX musicians and their immediate families.

Rock for Health Formed in October 2007, Rock for Health is a nonprofit that seeks to educate artists on health issues, provide necessary medical information and be an advocate for musicians in regards to health insurance coverage and long-term care.

Rock and Rap Confidential’s Music and Healthcare Guide A detailed list of resources for musicians seeking insurance or health care.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation produces many reports on health insurance coverage and policies in America and sponsors the Cover the Uninsured Week campaign which includes a database of state-specific health insurance resources and resources for individuals.

Kaiser Family Foundation Includes statistics on who purchases individual health insurance, average premiums, and a handbook on options for individuals.

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